Humans and dogs suffer pain and gum disease exactly the same. But what makes dogs different from us is their dental anatomy. Human teeth are arranged in an arch. Dog teeth are arranged in an S or Z shape.

Zututh is designed to adapt to the unique arrangement of your dog's teeth. Don't be fooled by all of the other so-called dog toothbrushes. They are simple human brushes with a dog logo.

Zututh is made for dogs, not humans. It is designed to clean the areas that collect plaque the most. Also, it is longer than a human brush so more teeth are cleaned in one motion shortening the total brushing time.

Zututh dog toothbrushes are available in small, medium and large sizes. Please select your Zututh based on your dog's weight.

Small Zututh = under 20 lbs, Medium Zututh = 20 - 50 lbs, Large Zututh = over 50 lbs